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Boob Oil 100ml

Boob Oil 100ml

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100ml Boob oil

With luxury oils of:


Jojoba oil

Grapeseed oil

macerated Calendula oil

Rose otto essential oil

Frankincense essential oil

Lavender essential oil


All of this product is 100% Organic and vegan, 2% dilution (which is considered safe for everyday use, although if you are breastfeeding, please check with a local herbalist or doctor if it's safe for you to use).

100ml amber glass bottle.


This oil is made for breast massage, to gently rub into the breast area,nipples, armpits.

Feel also free to use this oil on any other external parts of your body. 

Like all of the blends, you can use them in the bath, as a body oil, in your hair or as a perfume. 



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