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Abdominal Therapy

What is Abdominal Therapy? Using techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy (ATMAT) for the reproductive and digestive system is an external, non-invasive manipulation using only the hands to re-position reproductive organs and improve blood flow to digestive organs.



Don Elijio Panti was a healer, who lived and worked in Belize, offering healing from the Mayan Lineage. His techniques were passed down through an unbroken lineage and was then brought to America by Rosita Arvigo, who was able to translate the deep knowledge and wisdom that in now, abdominal therapy.

This therapy has been used in many cultures for thousands of years, to offer deep healing and to encourage healthy flow within the body.


In Abdominal therapy, we focus on five things-


N. Nerves

A. Arteries

V. Viens

E. Energy

L. Lymph


Its that simple! There is so much in the abdomen, that we rarely give notice and attention to- yet the work that can be done in this area is really powerful.

This therapy is amazing for a whole host of issues and ailments, including-


Painful periods / Fibroids / Pms / Peri & Post menopause / PCOS / Endometriosis / Fertility / Scar adhesions & scar tissue from surgery / IBS / gut issues etc


There are many more ways in which this therapy can help!!

My work as an Abdominal Therapist, is to help my clients claim a deeper understanding and healing through their body. My work with cycles and fertility has deepened, since learning this skill.

I am now one of three Abdominal therapists in Scotland.


Upon booking, you will receive an in-depth consultation form, which we will go over in person. This is to help me gain a better understanding of your health and how we can work together.

The first appointment will last approximately 90 minutes and we will spend a great deal of time, looking over your health story.

The treatment will follow, where I will work on your upper and lower abdomen- within your comfort zone and will finish with a mini demo, showing you how to do YAM (Your abdominal Massage) at home.

A follow up treatment will be around an hour, with a mini Reflexology session.

Ideally, if this therapy works for you- a minimum of three treatments is required, so that we can work together on your desired outcome.


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