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Welcome, I am Talitha Joy.

I have a deep desire and genuine interest in helping others gain better health and well-being, through regular treatments and aftercare advice, especially around their cycle, postpartum and beyond.

My journey started over 10 years ago through self healing, creating a holistic and personal practice to help

integrate alternative medicine and healing into a daily routine. 


This led me on to creating and holding space for treating clients, manily women.


A big part of my journey was through cycle charting and deeply learning, growing with the seasons and inner cycles of my womb. 

I came off the pill over 10 years ago and had debilitating periods with cramps that crippled me. I realised there was no education around cycles.


Through this experience JOY was birthed.

My main interest is in woman's health. My calling is to help women in their daily experiences of all the phases and seasons of the menstrual cycle

I created the Moon-time massage to help ease emotional and physical discomfort, for women dealing with PMS, going through the menopause and postnatally. I believe this kind of treatment and care is needed for women and is not widely offered in Scotland.


I am a qualified Abdominal therapist, which then tied  together all the skills i aquired to this point, to help support women on a deeper level, in all phases of their life.

I also work as a Postnatal Doula and support families and women locally in the postnatal period.

I am an advocate for self-empowerment, embodiment and expression through cycle work, womb healing,
moon wisdom, sexual healing, earth wisdom and ritual. 

I love helping women navigate the sometimes not so easy, language of their cycle. 

I provide a safe space and meet you where you are.


Check out my Instagram where I share openly and for more information on women's cycles & well-being. 

I also run bi- monthly women's circles in Glasgow.


All of my products and oils are certified Organic and vegan.

You will find my bespoke essential oil sprays and oils in the online shop 


I specialise in: 


Abdominal Therapy | Womb Healing | Clinical Aromatherapy | Moon-time massage 



Level 2 & 3 Diploma in Complementary therapies:

Reflexology | Massage | Clinical Aromatherapy 

Day training Thai massage Level 1

Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2

Red Tent Doulas – Postnatal Doula 

Postpartum Healing - Red Tent Doulas

Abdominal Therapy - Level 1 Anterior

Abdominal Therapy - Level 2 Posterior

Pregnancy Abdominal Therapy - Level 3

Cupping Massage - Practioners Diploma

Fertility Awareness Method Training (FAM)

I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapist's and adheres to the Continual Professional Development guide. 

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