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Available Services

Abdominal Therapy 

An ancient Massage founded in Belize.

Powerful yet gentle treatment performed on the abdomen.

Healing for a range of ailments and issues in the body.

Fertility issues as well as post operation and menstrual issues are 

Working with the digestive, lymphatic, nervous & reproductive system.


Usui Reiki is energy healing.

An alternative therapy that can be used either hands on or hands off.

Working with either the chakra's or wherever in the body needs attention.

Reiki is gentle and healing.

Moontime Massage 

Created to bring more awareness around the cycle.

Ideal for any stage in your cycle or peri/post menopause.

A blend of-

Aromatherapy back massage


Mini abdominal Massage

Reiki on the womb

Mini sound Healing

All therapies are designed to realx the nervous system and balance hormones.


Using only Organic and ethically sourced essential oils, using swedish Massage techniques (i also offer stand alone  swedish massage on my booksy app)

Essential Oils have always been used as a great way to adminster plants into the body.

Each blend that i use will be bespoke to you.

Pregnancy Reiki & Sound Sessions

Designed for any stage of Pregnancy, even the first few weeks/ months.

Sound Healing with Reiki combined is the perfect combination of relaxation for Mama and baby.

Dreamy treatment even if you arent expecting!

Full body Reiki and Sound Healing with an option of adding on an Organic Facial 

Postnatal Massage 

As a Postnatal Doula, i know the importance of aftercare, shortly after giving birth.

This treatment is focused on massaging the whole body, giving extra care to any aches and pains with a bespoke Aromatherapy blend to take home.


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