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Abdominal Therapy for Health

Abdominal Therapy for PCOS , endometriosis, pms, painful periods, menopause, fertility, gut health, post surgery.

I wanted to speak more in depth about the work that i do, as an Abdominal Therapist. I know many of you have lots of questions, especially how it can help you by getting regular treatments.

First of all- Im going to chat to you a bit about why I decided to become a trained practioner and how this work can really benefit a wide range of women.

If you follow me on instagram, you will know that i share alot about my experience with my cycle and the journey I am on to healing my own cycle. From this - i have a deep calling to help other women, get more in tune with their cycle and periods.

I have known of this therapy for many years and it wasnt until the stars aligned, i was able to go and train earlier this year and am about to train in part two in a couple of days.

This work goes deeep.

I was already helping women to become more in tune with their uterus / womb / ovaries and general mental and physical wellbeing, through offering the Moontime Massage as a treatment, but there was an element of not fully being able to help them gain more automny over their bodies and menstrual wellbeing.

As an abdominal Therapist, i work in a very gentle yet powerful way.

The first appointment involves an in depth consultation, so we can get to the root of whats going on, followed by the treatment then aftercare email, outlining some helpful tools that may be of use in your personal journey.

I will show you how to do YAM - your abdominal massage , which is a mini self massage that you can use at home , as much or as little as you like.

This is an amazing tool, when used on a regular basis and can really help this treatment go deeper, inbetween sessions.

I have many clients who come to me for a whole host of issues, including -

PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) Endometroisis, Fibriods, ovarian cysts, painful periods, heavy periods, unregulated periods, hormonal issues, coming off birth control, pms , pmt, perimenopause, post menopause, surgery, hysterectomy , post surgery, scar adhesions, post birth, ceserean scars, scar tissue issues, painful birth, afterbirth, pain during sex, painful abdomen, ibs, gut issues, gut health, healing from surgery, abdominal issues, abdominal surgery, bloating, food intolerances, crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel disease, digestive issues, fertility, trying to get pregnant, fertility issues, reproductive issues, reproductive health, ivf, natural fertility, conception etc

So you can see there is alot of issues that this treatment can help with.

This treatment is a holistic approach to all of the above.

Regular massage has a host of amazing benefits and generally, our stomach is a part of our body that we dont give much notice or attention to.

There is to much in this area-

Nerves / veins / arteries / lymph / digestive system / reproductive system / lymphatic system / urinary system / diaghram - there is so much!

So by booking in and getting regular treatments, you will start to see subtle changes to this whole area, also buy doing the YAM at home is very beneficial to inscreasing flow in this area of the body, especially if this area is stagnent, due to digestive issues or post surgery with lots of scar tissue.

How often the treatment is needed, differs from person to person and every person is unique, so a specilaised plan will be made for your needs.

Want to know more?

I am currently offering this treatment in Glasgow and in Troon / Ayrshire.


x2 Tuesdays per month in Crosshill, Glasgow Southside

x3 Thursdays per month in the West end, Glasgow @ Aga & Ola Massage Clinic

Every wednesday and friday at my home clinic, in Troon.

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