Moontime Set spray/oil/mini candle

Moontime Set spray/oil/mini candle

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Moontime Care kit

All Organic and Vegan products made by me, a clinical Aromatherpaist.

Dilution Rate is 2% safe for everyday use- 



Moontime is grounding, calming and healing  

Inspired by the menstraution / moontime of a womans cycle, to create space and ritual for this time. 

Can be used to ground the body and mind and also around premenstrual/ menstruation or menopause. Also great for post partum or if dealing with grief and aniexty. 


The blend is -

Rose Otto / Cedarwood / Lavender 


50ml Spray -

Scottish distilled water & 2% witchhazel and Garnet stone chips.


50ml oil-

Bleneded with Jojoba and grapeseed oil 


60ml Travel candle -

100% Soya wax 



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