Mama Care Set

Mama Care Set

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Everything i use is Organic and i use low dilution rates for safe everyday use for mama and baby


50g Herbal tea / Yoni steam Postpartum herbs

Nettle / Chammomile / Lemon Balm

Nettle helps with iron and milk supply / Lemon balm helps with calming the nervous system and chammomile to chill the new mama out !


50ml Baby oil

1% Dilution (safe for use on baby for massage or in the bath)

Grapeseed oil / Sweet Orange / Chammomile

All these oils are great to help baby sleep and chill out.


50ml Mama Oil / Sleep Spray

2% Dilution (safe for daily use)

Grapeseed oil / Distilled water

Petitgrain / Lavender / Geranium

Great for chill time / sleep/ aniexty


50ml Boob & Bum Balm

Handmade balm -

ideal for nipples/ boobs and can be used a nappy balm for baby's bum

soy / Chammomile infused grapeseed oil / beeswax

This is a gentle all rounder balm, no essential oils