Mama 50ml oil & Mama Spray Sleepy/Calm

Mama 50ml oil & Mama Spray Sleepy/Calm

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M A M A 

Sleepy / calm 

These oils are made for new Mama's, Or even mama's who's kids are all grown up!

Ideal if you are struggling with aniexty / Sleep / Intergration / Space 


The essential oils are safe for use around baby, but might be slightly too strong for babies sensitive skin.

All of the blends are 2% Dilution- safe for everyday use.

NOTE - If you are breastfeeding, do not use on the boobs, as it may irritate  baby.




Petitgrain / Lavender / Geranium 

Earthy / Calming / Grounding / Balancing / Sleep / Rest 


50ml oil -

Amber Glass Bottle 

Grapeseed - 2% dilution 

Ideal for-

body oiling / Bath / Rubbing on soles of feet for good night sleep 


50ml Spray -

Amber Glass Bottle

Distilled Water 

Witch hazel 

2 % Dilution 

Ideal for -

Body spray / Room spray / space spray / pillow spray / perfume /  * Can be used to spray in Babies room, but use from a distance