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IN PERSON Ostara Womens circle 24th March

IN PERSON Ostara Womens circle 24th March

Come and join me in circle to celebrate the turing of the wheel.

Women have gathered since the beginning of time to celebrate markings in the year.

This is the spring equinox, as we pass into spring.


This is a pivitol time in the year, the earth is picking up its pace and we can start to feel the sun again!

Every circle is themed and we are going to be dropping into our womb to call in what we want for this year!


Sunday March 24th - 3pm- 6pm



What the day will include-


Sharing circle


Guided womb massage 



With all my circles - they are relaxed and i invite you to come as you are.

Babies are welcome.

Snacks and tea provided.


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