Full moon Set spray/oil/mini candle

Full moon Set spray/oil/mini candle

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Full moon Care kit

All Organic and Vegan products made by me, a clinical Aromatherpaist.

Dilution Rate is 2% safe for everyday use- 

***note, as this blend has vetiver in it, do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding***


Full Moon blend is grounding, earthy, calming. 

Inspired by the full moon and can be used around this time for ritual.

Can be used to ground the body and mind and also around premenstrual/ menstruation or menopause.


The blend is -

Vetiver / Patchouli / Frankinsense


50ml Spray -

Scottish distilled water & 2% witchhazel and obsidian stone chips.


50ml oil-

Bleneded with Jojoba and grapeseed oil 


60ml Travel candle -

100% Soya wax 




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