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Abdominal therapy ONLINE SESSION

Abdominal Therapy is just as good virtually!

If you live far out of the city and have a busy life, this is for you!


A 90 minute session includes-


1 Hour in depth consultation 

We will dive deep into your history, health, cycle, gut health etc and talk about any issues you feel you are having


Teaching and guided self massage 

The YAM (Your abdominal massage) is very powerful, when used on a daily basis , changes can happen very quickly.

I will guide you how to do the masssage and answer any questions that you have around how to do it. This massage routine will be tailored to your specific needs


Follow up email & hand outs 

The session is followed up with an informative and useful email, talking over some of the issues we discussed, alternative approaches you may want to take and some handouts for you to use.


Upon booking, i will email you to arrange a good time to meet online



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