50g Yoni Steam / Herbal tea blend

50g Yoni Steam / Herbal tea blend

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Rose / Lavender / Chammomile 


Great in a herbal tea for relaxing the body.

Can be used at any time in the cycle.


How to use Yoni steam-

x1 small handful of herbs in a pot of boilng water.


1.Let it brew for up to 10 minutes with the lid on

2. Bring the pot to the floor and squat over (ideally in childs pose) and create a vaccum with towels/ blankets, so all the heat can go up into the vagina area

3.You can do it for 5-30 minutes, depending on how you feel.




Pregnant / Bleeding / Have an IUD or copper coil fitted / Thrush or any kind of infection or tear is present