121 Virtual Session 1 Hour

121 Virtual Session 1 Hour

121 Session

via skype/zoom/botim



1 hour session is £40 alltogether.


121 session for women who are looking to get more in tune with their cycles.


What I can do-

Talk over the issues/problem you are facing with you period.

Give evidence based ideas/rituals/tools to help work with the cycle.

1 hour dedicated to talking about the issues you face with your cycle and period.



I am not a qualified health professional,so will not be diagnosing or giving any advice.

I am able to offer wisdom and evidence based guidance and/or tasks/work to help you get back in tune with your period.



How it works-


1. Purchase the 121 session on here.

2. I will contact you directly to arrange a time suitable.

3. Session will be 1 hour.